Modern technology with a Latin design flair

Tough enough to shred cars, yet flexible enough to operate as a standalone shredder. Zato’s Blue Devil is a pioneering industrial twin shaft shredder (also known as a rotary shear) and a state-of-the-art technological solution for scrap metal recycling. As CEO Alessandra Bresciani explains: “The international success Zato has gained is due to the winning combination of the best technologies available, innovative ideas and a long-established expertise in metallurgy and metal recycling market. Right from the start, we have worked closely with our customers to refine the Blue Devil and enhance the already strong core features so that we can confidently offer our customers a very capable and reliable shredder that has one of the best R.O.I.´s of any shredder in the market.

Smart-Tech, Augmented Reality and Remote Control specifically to please their global customer base

Zato was a pioneer in applying remote servicing to its twin shaft shredders. As Zato’s Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Luigi Cominetti states: “Thanks to advanced technologies we are now able to guarantee constant support and assistance to our customers, no matter where they are located”. Artificial Intelligence, smart glasses and Augmented Reality are a real revolution for Zato because they make it easier to communicate with our customers all around the world. “Our technicians can offer complete remote assistance simply by putting on “smart glasses” with integrated microphones and cameras and explain the procedure step by step to our clients. It’s like having our best technicians looking over your shoulder and advising you while you undertake maintenance or repairs. The best part is that there is no need to wait for him or her to travel to you.”


The success of Zato’s Blue Devil flies overseas and reaches Australia

Many countries have come to recognize the true value of Zato’s twin shaft shredder but, perhaps, no more so than Australia, where the 5th Blue Devil was sold in 2020. Australian customers have appreciated the relatively low initial investment and the low total running cost of a Blue Devil when compared to a hammer mill. Processing light to medium gauge scrap in a hammer mill has a relatively high cost per ton. Granted a hammer mill will give yard owners a slightly higher density than what a twin shaft rotary shear can achieve but when processing light to medium grade scrap it is much more efficient and considerably less expensive to process the scrap using a Blue Devil. When using a Blue Devil as a pre shredder, potentially explosive items such as fuel and natural gas tanks are neutralised and unshreadables removed before they get to the hammer mill.

Even South Korea opens its doors to Italian quality and technology

The success of Zato’s industrial twin shaft shredders has reached South Korea where Mr. Hat Bit Jung, Daehan Steel & Recycling’s CEO, found the Blue Devil to be the perfect solution for his yard. “I am processing around 25 – 35 tons per hour and the result is a nice dense scrap which is relatively free of contaminants. Because the Blue Devil´s blades rotate slowly, with high torque, there is very little dust produced. I can even process whole cars without the need to remove engines, axels or gearboxes”.

For 2021 Zato not only intends to further increase its market share in the Asian market but also to expand its activities in USA, Canada and Latin America.